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Sowmiya Earthing Solution Earthing And Lightning Arrester Specialist In Chennai, Tamil Nadu


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IONIA ESE lightning arrestors Chennai
copper bonded rod
copper bonded rod INR 0 INR 0 Enriched by our vast industrial experience in this business, we are involved in offering an enormous quality range of Copper Bonded Earthing Rod. Features: Quality approved Fine finish High quality True 1456318115
Threaded Copper Bonded Rod
Threaded Copper Bonded Rod INR 0 INR 0 Threaded Copper Bonded Rod offered by us is widely recommended by clients owing to its application specific design, robustness and consistent performance. Features: Easy to install Rust resistance Fine finish True 1456318219
Earthing cover
Earthing cover INR 0 INR 0 Our association is broadly known for maintaining the quality in offering Earthing Cover (Earthing Pit Covers). Features: Light weight Fine fine High quality True 1458706252
Potential earthing electrode
Potential earthing electrode INR 0 INR 0 Potential earthing electrode have a total solution with a , manufactured with advanced technology. It is the method of Twin pipe with rod technology with heavy long terminal. Both the outer shell and inner shell are having maximum pipe wall thickness of 3.2 mm in a standard length of 3 meter long, fabricated in MS and subsequent care of hot dip galvanition to a maximum up to 80-100 microns outside and 300 microns inside the pipe. A special conducting compound consisting of naturals and minerals will be filled inside the pipe. This helps fast conduction of any fault current/static current to earth. Also potential earthing electrode have introduced economy model in the brand name of STANDARD to meet out the customers requirement. Ground Enhancer Earth Life Compound: Earth resistance is solely dependent on soil resistivity at the pit location. Earth Life Compound, and GEL Combination a soil friendly earth pit filling material can absorb, retain and give out moisture, thus enhancing the conductivity around the electrode even in dry weather conditions. Salient Features of Potential earth Electrode: • Low Impedence Earthing • Mechanically Strong • Reliable • Corrosion Resistant • Gives long and uninterrupted services • Can carry short circuit current and fault current repeatedly. The best need based earthing for high sensitive electrical/electronic machinery and equipment. We are following IS 3043 – 1987. Advantages: • Safety of life and property from electrical hazards. • Strong, reliable and long lasting • Maintenance free • Smooth dissipation of fault, short circuit, static and lightning currents. • Resists corrosion • Can maintain electricalcontinuity • Provides stable reference Applications: • Body Earthing and Neutral Earthing, • Lightning Protection Systems, • Sensitive Equipment like computers, UPS, CNC Machines • Data Processing Centers, • Telecommunication Towers & Microwave Antennas, • Oil Refineries & Pumping stations • Electrical Substations and Power Plants, • Transformers & DG Earthing, • All Factories, Commercial Buildings & Residential • In Short all LV,MV,HV,EHV applications. True 1481179431
G.I Earth Electrode
G.I Earth Electrode INR 0 INR 0 The base metal, IS marked mild steel pipe after fabrication, is subjected to hot dip galvanization with about 100 microns coating and the pipe inner is filled with conductive compound consisting of natural elements, which ensures smooth and fast dissipation of fault currents. True 1481179707
ESE Lightning Arrester
ESE Lightning Arrester INR 0 INR 0 Our organization has risen to prominence in offering ESE Lightning Arrester of best range and quality specification to our clients. It is designed to bear the effects of severe lightning and thunder with ease and protects buildings and apartments from its devastating effects. It is mostly installed at top of buildings and is completely safe both in its usage and its installation. Most importantly; we assure timely delivery of ESE Lightning Arrester. Features: •Easy to use •Anti-corrosive •Withstand adverse conditions Specifications: •Current: 5 kA, 10 kA •Rated voltage: 3 kV to 220 kV True 1481265329
Copper Bonded Grounding Rod
Copper Bonded Grounding Rod INR 0 INR 0 Leveraging on our vast industry experience and knowledge, we have emerged as notable manufacturer, trader and supplier of Copper Bonded Grounding Rod. The offered product has high tensile strength & low carbon steel core. This product is developed in our advanced manufacturing unit by using high quality material with the aid of cutting-edge technology. In addition, customers can avail this product from us in various specifications to choose from. Features: Sturdiness Finely finished Optimum strength True 1481265445
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