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Sowmiya Earthing Solution Earthing And Lightning Arrester Specialist In Chennai, Tamil Nadu


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IONIA ESE lightning arrestors Chennai
earthing electrodes installation
earthing electrodes installation INR 750 INR 750 we are the exports in installation service in chennai,tamil nadu True 1456380068
ionia lightning arrester
ionia lightning arrester INR 0 INR 0 ionia lightning arrester 30 years warrenty True 1486444064
30 year's warrenty lightning protection system tamilnadu
30 year's warrenty lightning protection system tamilnadu INR 40000 INR 40000 True 1486866027
pure copper lightning arrester
pure copper lightning arrester INR 0 INR 0 100% pure copper lightning arrester Copper Lightning Arrester of suitable quality and range to our clients. It has been produced by usage of copper and is able to completely arrests lightening and thunder owing to its ergonomic design. Available in latest range and specifications; Copper Lightning Arrester has sturdy construction and could be installed quite conveniently. We are offering this Copper Lightning Arrester at convenient price. Features: •Easy to install •Long-life •High safety ensured True 1456317969
chemical earthing electrodes
chemical earthing electrodes INR 0 INR 0 Owing to the wide experience of this domain, we are instrumental in offering Chemical Earthing Electrode to our clients.Our organization is widely recognized for its ability to offer Chemical Earthing Electrodeof excellent range and quality to our clients. Chemicals have been used for coating the entire outer portion of this Chemical Earthing Electrode. It is able to conduct large electric current and charge owing to its uniform size and quality. It is free from defects and is completely sterilized before being made available in market. Features: •Connected to the exposed metal parts of all equipment •Joined to specific points like neutral of alternators •Have sufficient current-carrying capacity •High fault current ensures safety of MCB, MCCB trip and disconnect the •Renders faulty equipment harmless Applications: •Tele communication towers & microwave antennas •Transmission & distribution system •Substations & power generators •Transformer neutral earthing •Lightening arrestor earthing •Computer & data processing centers manufacturing facilities & refineries •Food processing & water treatment plants •Oil refineries & pump stations •Remote & central office digital switches •Heavy industries •Petrochemical, LNG, and nuclear facilities •Data centers, telecom, and broadcasters •Process control and automation •Bank, ATM, hospitals, railway, airport, military, and defense installations True 1456318350
Hot Dip Galvanized Earthing Electrode
Hot Dip Galvanized Earthing Electrode INR 0 INR 0 To meet the precise requirements of customers, we are engaged in offering an exclusive range of Hot Dip Galvanized Earthing Electrode.Our organization has gained immense accolades in offering to our clients the best range of GI Earting Electrode in order to fulfill their expectations and requirements. This GI Earthing Electrode is available in latest range and is coated with rust proof coating which enhances its capability and lifespan by leaps and bounds. The quality inspectors hired by us are able to ensure that our range is quite compatible. Features: •Corrosion free •Long life •High grade GI coating Accurate dimension Optimum quality Easy to install True 1456318508
back fill compound
back fill compound INR 0 INR 0 Being an established manufacturer and supplier of this domain, we are engaged in offering comprehensive range of Earthing Powder to our customers. Our offered product is available at pocket friendly price. Relying on our expertise in this domain, we are into offering Earthing Powder. Features: Finely process No impurities Quality approved True 1456318641
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